Site-built Flat-bottom Tank

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Site-built Flat-bottom Tank

Engineered by our partner KOGAS-Tech, our onsite-fabricated, full containment LNG storage tanks have been operational globally. Available in various sizes, with capacities all the way up to 200,000 m3 (~53,000,000 gallons), these full containment storage tanks have been built to international standards. With years of experience in designing and constructing these tanks, Corban Energy Group has a vast portfolio that substantiates our ability to construct reliable LNG storage tanks. Having the right tank for the proper storage of LNG ensures that your operation runs smoothly. Our LNG storage tanks are manufactured to be highly efficient while safe to operate and easy to maintain. Corban Energy Group offers its high level of expertise and knowledge in the natural gas industry as an LNG equipment manufacturer. After a short survey and diagnostic analysis of your business operation, our team can advise and help identify a suitable and customized solution for your LNG storage tank.

Our storage tank solutions also go beyond storing LNG; Corban’s engineering team also have experience in building Ethane and Ethylene storage tanks. ​

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