Factory-Built Bulk Storage Tank

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Factory-Built Bulk Storage Tank

CEG has designed, built, and delivered the world’s largest vacuum-insulated bullet LNG tanks

For day to day fueling and refueling operations, our LNG storage tanks are ideal. Perfect for low to medium volume markets, our storage tanks can be customized from the ground up. As shop-fabricated tanks, the tanks have been thoroughly tested under harsh conditions, and constructed to meet international standards. Orientations include both horizontal and vertical positions; your ideal storage tank depends on your business operation.  Corban offers factory-built storage tanks in the capacity of up to 1,250 m³.

  • From 100 m³ (26,417 gal.) up to 1,250 m³ (330,215 gal.) gross volume
  • Double-wall, vacuum insulated
  • Fast delivery
  • Highest quality materials / engineering / fabrication
  • Fully custom designed

Discover How Corban Energy Group Overcame Extreme Challenges to Deliver LNG Storage Solutions in a Developing Area in Equitorial Africa

Explore an in-depth case study by John A. Schlosberg from Corban Energy Group (CEG) as they tackle a monumental challenge: providing a 14,000 m³ LNG storage solution for a power plant in equatorial Africa. With a tight budget, a demanding schedule, and logistical hurdles, CEG had to innovate every step of the way.

Read how CEG designed, fabricated, and shipped 12 large, fully compliant Type C Tanks in less than 12 months while adhering to high safety standards and achieving significant cost savings. This summary highlights key solutions in material selection, manufacturing efficiencies, and logistics coordination that made the project a success.

Ready to learn more about CEG’s groundbreaking approach and the detailed strategies they employed?

Read the full case study now to get the complete insights.

Factory-Built Bulk Storage Tank

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