LNG Terminals

Corban Energy Group is an established manufacturer of LNG ISO containers and storage tanks. With our engineering team, Corban offers its services in the construction of new LNG import and export terminals. Corban Energy Group can conduct an EPC for nearly every type of facility. Our services include complete planning and developing of LNG plants such as liquefaction plants, regasification terminals, and peak shaving and transportation facilities. LNG terminal construction by Corban Energy Group. Corban's engineers conduct a full-scale review of the resources available to plan the LNG terminal. Corban has the capability to produce a full-scale plan with blueprints, needed resources and other details. Necessary specifications and details can be worked out for the operation. After necessary procurement steps, our manufacturing team will construct all of the necessary equipment both onsite and in-shop. For details of specification, pricing, and all other inquiries, please contact us using the form here.