LNG Equipment

Corban Energy Group provides the most cost efficient, reliable, and technically advanced LNG equipment available in today’s marketplace. We believe that our customers should have the most optimized solutions to best suit their needs with custom options, high quality construction, and comprehensive services. As a tank manufacturer we provide a variety of solutions and offer our expertise in the industry. Our LNG equipment, such as ISO tank containers, storage tanks, and specialized gas transportation products and services have been thoroughly tested to meet all safety standards.

Furthermore, Corban provides customized options for its LNG equipment and systems in order to meet the unique needs of each of its customers with full design-and-build services. From evaluating the customer's unique operational needs, Corban can advise and produce a customized solution for all of its LNG equipment that provides the most cost-efficient operation. Corban works with the world’s leaders in offering a variety LNG products and equipment, ensuring quality service and products, while working with customers to provide a turnkey solution from their proposed requests.

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LNG ISO Containers

Corban Energy Group manufactures LNG ISO Containers

Corban is an LNG tank manufacturer capable of meeting the quantity ordered for any business operation, big or small. Our LNG ISO containers are optimized specifically for transporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) worldwide by rail, sea or road and are also ideal for short term storage. Our ISO container is designed for performance, ease of operation and safety.

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LNG Storage Tanks

For day to day fueling and refueling operations, our LNG storage tanks are ideal. Perfect for low to medium volume markets, our storage tanks can be customized from the ground up. As shop-fabricated tanks, the tanks have been thoroughly tested under harsh conditions, and constructed to meet international standards. Orientations include both horizontal and vertical positions; your ideal storage tank depends on your business operation.  Corban offers factory built storage tanks in the capacity of up to 1,200 M3.

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Onsite LNG Storage Tanks/LNG Terminal Construction

Onsite LNG Storage Tank

Our full containment LNG storage tanks, built in the field are the most reliable storage tanks for LNG applications. Corban and its experienced engineering team has designed large scale LNG storage tanks for storage above ground. Familiar with industry standards, we build each tank to abide by numerous international safety codes. Many of these storage tanks are greater than 150,000 cubic meters and operational in dozens of locations. With our experience, we are capable of constructing LNG storage tanks in any location worldwide.

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Our engineers are also experienced in construction and design of specialized gas storage tanks. For ethane and ethylene storage tanks, please click here.

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LNG Transport Trailers

An LNG transport trailer is shown here. Built to last, our trailers provide an efficient means of transportation over road.

Corban Energy Group also specializes in manufacturing tank trailers for LNG transportation and fueling/refueling. Designed for ease of transportation over road and equipped with numerous safety features, our transport trailers are optimized for LNG transport. Safety measurements are installed to ensure that contents of the tank reach its destination safely, fill up on LNG without overflow or spills, and prevent other accidents. Available in similar dimensions to our ISO containers, these trailers are designed to be an efficient and reliable means of transport.

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Small Scale LNG Bunkering Systems

LNG is becoming the choice for maritime fuel. Corban offers small scale LNG bunkering systems for various applications. Click here to contact us for more information on LNG Bunkering.