Liquefied natural gas is processed at this terminal.

What is LNG?

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a clear, colorless, non-toxic liquid that forms when natural gas is cooled to -162ºC (-260ºF). This shrinks the volume of the gas 600 times, making it an efficient source of fuel that is easy to store and ship overseas over long distances. Taken from gas deposits in the earth, natural gas is is thoroughly filtered and conditioned to be made of mostly methane among other trace gases. After liquefaction, it is sent to re-gasification plants to be piped through to consumers. Natural gas deposits are abundant enough for a hundred-year supply in the United States, making LNG a viable fuel source.

The LNG Production Process

This is the method to refining liquefied natural gas from the moment it is drilled from the Earth.

The LNG process starts from the ground, where natural gas is trapped within the earth. Through fracking and other extraction methods, the natural gas is transported to a treatment facility where it is purified to become typically 85 percent methane, and the rest ethane, propane, butane, and other hydrocarbons. The condensates, gases, and other contaminants removed include mercury, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and water. After being chilled to -260 degrees Fahrenheit, the gas becomes a liquid of less than 600 times its original volume. The liquid is then transported to storage facilities, re-gasification plants, and other terminals to be sent for market distribution.

An LNG plant's liquefaction tools.

What are the benefits of using LNG?

Liquefied natural gas has many advantages over traditional fuel sources.

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. It produces significantly less emissions and pollutants than coal, petrol, and diesel. Estimates of supply show that there is enough natural gas to meet America's energy needs for more than 100 years. The influx of supply comes straight from a domestic source, here in the United States. LNG is a price-competitive source of energy that could help meet future economic needs not only here in the United States, but also in other countries, contributing to America's exports.

Corban Energy Group

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