Nitrogen Tanks

Nitrogen Tanks

Nitrogen is an important asset for many industries. Transporting it safely is vital, and the team at Corban Energy Group is the best at what we do.

No matter what your needs are, we can get your custom-built nitrogen tank installed with ease. We deliver worldwide, and our storage solutions are second to none.

What Is A Nitrogen Tank?

Nitrogen tanks transport this useful element in a concentrated and compact form known as LNG (liquified natural gas).

When in liquid or gas form, nitrogen has many uses, but without the proper handling and storage solution, it can be hazardous. Tanks come in all different sizes, depending on the need and usage, so it’s important to know what works best for you.

Good news – our facilities are custom-built to your needs.

Our sturdy nitrogen tanks have monitors that report leaks and have appropriate fittings installed. They’re easy to work with, designed for safety and accessibility, and perfect for a huge variety of applications – from food production to manufacturing to chemical analysis.

What Are The

Different Types Of Nitrogen Tanks?

The size of a nitrogen tank depends on the volume you need. Some of the most common sizes are outlined below:

  • 20 cu ft; Height 14.0”; Diameter: 5.25”
  • 40 cu ft; Height 18.5”; Diameter: 6.75”
  • 80 cu ft; Height 33.0”; Diameter: 7.25”
  • 125 cu ft; Height 42.75”; Diameter: 7.25”
  • 200 cu ft; Height 50.5”; Diameter: 9.00”
  • 300 cu ft; Height 55.25”; Diameter: 9.25”

The size of the bottle or tank determines how long it will last before needing to be replaced or refilled. Larger companies may need to buy in bulk, while smaller businesses may order what they need at any given moment.

Our shipping and distribution options are flexible – let us know what you want. We’ll deliver it.

nitrogen tank

How Does A Nitrogen Tank Work?

Nitrogen is often stored in liquid form, meaning that extremely low temperatures (-195.8°C) must be maintained to keep it preserved. This is referred to as “cryogenic” and can only be achieved in a carefully designed environment.

At room temperature, it begins to boil rapidly and evaporate into the air. As most of our atmosphere is made of up nitrogen, the gas is not harmful when mixed with the right amount of oxygen. Too much, however, can be dangerous, which is why a nitrogen tank is needed to carefully seal the gas or liquid inside while maintaining the necessary temperature.

Having the right tank ensures that the material is properly maintained in a safe way, without the risk of leaks or pressure buildup. This allows the liquid or gas to be transported from the manufacturer to the delivery location without any trouble.

At Corban Energy Group, we pride ourselves on delivering cryogenic liquified gas solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our custom, state-of-the-art solutions are perfect for so many applications – contact us to find out how we can help you.

What Is A Nitrogen Tank Used For?

Liquified nitrogen serves several purposes in various industries. The applications benefit a variety of services, from healthcare to construction. Take a look at how liquified cryogenic gas can help you in your industry!


Cryogenic liquified gas, like that in a nitrogen tank, can be used to preserve biological material after its expiration. This includes but is not limited to cryotherapy and cryosurgery, which can be beneficial to patients suffering from unique and severe conditions.


Applications in the energy industry include testing pressure in pipelines and purging air. Temperature can also be managed, and liquids can be lightened to improve their flow and prevent particulates from clogging the way.


Cryogenic liquified gas can be used to cool concrete quickly, as opposed to alternative or traditional cooling methods. This can speed along the process while saving money.


Used as a safety component in airbags, nitrogen serves a great purpose. It’s also used during the welding process in manufacturing the car itself. Multiple assembly line tasks benefit from the atmosphere it creates while used. Additionally, it can inflate tires to restore air pressure when compressed air isn’t available.


Also used in the manufacturing process, cryogenic liquified gas serves to create a safe environment. By eliminating the presence of oxygen, the working environment becomes nonflammable, making it safe for outer space.

Additionally, it can be used in wind tunnels, laser-cutting, and heat-treating furnaces.

Why Is The Nitrogen Tank Storage Method Useful?

This method of transporting and storing cryogenic liquified gas in a nitrogen tank ensures that the risks of carrying pressurized gas are minimized. Without the right tank or handling procedures, nitrogen can become dangerous and harmful to people in close proximity to it, especially due to the temperature.

Trusting Corban Energy Group (CEG) with your storage solutions for cryogenic liquified gas ensures that you enjoy the best results for the longest time.

Let our professionals handle the careful transportation so you can focus on the other needs of your business – get in touch now.

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