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At Corban, we think big when it comes to natural gas. Sure, it can cook your dinner, but it can also power a whole fleet of greener and more efficient vehicles. If you’re thinking of making the switch to vehicles running on compressed natural gas, CEG can help by building an in-house clean energy gas station was built but not the main business any moretion.

Natural Gas Fuel - How Does It Work?

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is simply natural gas compressed to under 1% of its normal volume. This makes it denser in energy and suitable to fuel vehicles.

When running a clean energy gas station, gas is taken from a connection with the energy company. It’s then dried and fed into a compressor. 

After compression, it’s stored at a high pressure until it can be dispensed. The dispensers look and function similarly to typical gasoline pumps.

CNG is different than liquified natural gas (LNG). LNG can be used to fuel vehicles, but it requires extremely low temperatures to keep it liquid.

CNG as a Transportation Fuel

CNG can only be used in specially modified vehicles. These vehicles can keep the fuel supply under the appropriate pressure. 

Vehicles can be dedicated, meaning they use only CNG fuel. Some are considered bi-fuel, meaning they can run on either gasoline or CNG. Dual-fuel vehicles can use diesel fuel for ignition assistance.

The fuel economy for CNG is roughly equivalent to gasoline. Vehicles may need extra fuel storage to increase their driving range.

Benefits of CNG

CNG vehicles produce fewer emissions than their gasoline-guzzling counterparts. And because natural gas prices tend to be relatively stable, you’re insulated from rises in gas and diesel prices.

You can expect your CNG fleet to go longer between oil changes and tune-ups. You can also expect much less wear and tear. If you own even a medium-sized fleet, that can add up to significant savings.

Depending on your state and specific vehicles, you can even recoup some transition costs as tax credits. Leveraging the current US focus on leveraging renewable natural gas, you will be able to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions while also benefiting from clean fuel incentives at your fueling station.

CNG Vehicles and Fueling - A Growing Industry

There are almost 1,000 public CNG stations in the US and Canada, and many more private stations serving fleet vehicles. It’s clear – this fuel source is no flash in the pan. It’s here to stay, and Corban Energy Group is here to help you make the most of it.

Fleet Vehicles

If you have a fleet of vehicles that go back to a centralized location every night, CNG is a no-brainer. And while you can buy CNG from someone else, you’ll likely be paying a significant markup.

That’s why so many fleet managers are building their own CNG systems. While the compression technology does have an upfront cost, it doesn’t take long for it to pay for itself.

At Corban Energy, we partner with KwangShin, South Korea’s most respected manufacturer of compressors. That allows us to offer fleet managers a compression system that meets their needs exactly. A small fleet of light pickups requires a different setup than a municipal bus system.

Since our very first days, Corban Energy has provided clients with optimized solutions that meet their unique challenges. We use the same philosophy when it comes to CNG.

Service Stations

Opening a few pumps at your clean energy gas station where the public can refill their CNG vehicles is great publicity and shows your commitment to more sustainable transportation. But fleet managers have also found it an excellent way to help defray costs. The push to get gasoline and diesel vehicles off the road is only going to get stronger. If you have some public CNG pumps, you’re in a position to benefit financially.

Why Choose Corban?

Building a CNG station is no small matter. You don’t just need a vendor; you need a partner that understands your needs and goals.

That’s where Corban comes in. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to energy technology. No matter your budget, geographical constraints, or safety requirements, we’ll create a clean energy gas station that works for you.

Start-to-Finish Services

A CNG station is a big undertaking. But with Corban, you won’t go it alone. We’ve overseen hundreds of medium- and large-scale natural gas projects. From the initial planning stages to opening day, we’ll be there to provide our expertise, insight, and support. We can even help you with ongoing equipment maintenance to keep your fleet running at top efficiency.


Our engineers have decades of experience working in oil and gas technology. We know the challenges of building a CNG station and can help you overcome them. As experienced professionals, we know that safety is priority number one. Our manufacturing facilities use top-quality materials and highly skilled labor. We own multiple facilities that carry an ISO 9001 certificate for their quality management systems.

Top Equipment

Because of our commitment to safety and quality, you can count on us for the best CNG equipment around. Our partnership with South Korea’s KwangShin allows us to offer a wider selection of compressors than you might get elsewhere. Building a CNG station isn’t a time to cut corners. From gas dryers to compressors to storage tanks, Corban can provide you with industry-leading equipment.

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