What are Ethane and Ethylene?

Ethane is a heavy and saturated hydrocarbon chemical compound. Its primary use is as a petrochemical feedstock for the production of ethylene by the process of steam cracking. As a fuel source, it is very attractive due to its abundance and relatively low price. It is also used in the manufacturing of plastics, anti-freeze, and detergents.

Ethylene is another hydrocarbon used widely in the chemical industry, and can be used as a refrigerant, especially in LNG plants. As a natural plant hormone, it is also used in the agricultural industry to induce the ripening of fruits.

ethane storage tank

Corban's Solution to Ethane and Ethylene

Corban Energy Group has been working to provide a mobile solution for the transportation of these two hydrocarbons. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide energy solutions to reach all of our customers, we now provide ethane and ethylene transportation products and services.

As a tank manufacturer, we are capable of meeting the needs of any business operation. Our group is capable of manufacturing large quantities of specialized gas ISO containers for the transportation of ethane and ethylene. Tested in harsh conditions, our ISO containers surpass international standards, and allow for versatile transportation by rail, sea, or road.

Low-maintenance, and easy to operate storage solutions can be achieved with our storage tanks. Available in shop or onsite fabricated options, our storage tanks are built to last and are designed by our engineering team who have years of experience in the industry.

Detailed specifications for our specialized ISO containers and storage tank solutions are available upon request. Please contact our office to connect with our engineering team for detailed specifications.

Corban Energy Group manufactures batches of ethane and ethylene ISO containers.