CNG, as known as Compressed Natural Gas, is made by compressing natural gas (mostly methane) to less than 1% of its volume. When compressed, natural gas can be used in place of gasoline, diesel fuel, and LPG. CNG combustion produces fewer pollutants than other fossil fuels. It also poses less of a threat in the event of spill, as it is non-toxic and lighter than air and disperses quickly. In response to high fuel prices and environmental concerns, conversion from the ‘old’ fuels to CNG for trucks, buses, and trains is a steadily growing trend in the U.S. 

CEG’s CNG engineering team has more than 40 years of experience in designing and constructing complete CNG fueling stations. Our group has manufactured more than 6,000 industrial /CNG compressors, powering some 1,400 CNG filling stations worldwide.

Our services include design, construction, and operations and maintenance support services for car and truck fueling stations. We also provide all essential CNG equipment including gas dryers, natural gas compressors, priority panels, storage tanks and dispensers.

CNG Compressors & Dispensers

Corban Energy Group is the North American partner of Kwang-Shin Co. Ltd., a renowned South Korean compressor manufacturer. Kwang-Shin is one of the world’s leaders in heavy duty industrial compressors, and we guarantee the best quality, cost-effective equipment to serve for your needs. 

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